Olle Edberg


Johan Norbäck


Jimmy Lindblad


Oscar Pettersson


Christian Fredriksson


The madness sees no end

Vulkan is a Swedish heavy progressive rock band from Karlstad. Starting in 2006 the band did a few recordings under a different name which later was changed due to the heavier sound they were creating. Heavy, epic and with a true sense of melodies wrapped in a progressive cloak — that is Vulkan.

The albums ”Mask Of Air” (2011) and ”Observants” (2016) are the two predecessors to the new ”Technatura” that will emerge in 2020. On ”Technatura” they have taken the best parts of the recent two albums and boiled them down into a 60 minute musical rollercoaster. You are thrown into the deep abyss of the unknown, from eruption to insight, the struggle between the good and the bad, the calm before the storm and even into the eye of the storm.

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Technatura (2020)

Observants (2016)

Mask of Air (2011)

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