From here to where it all ends

Vulkan is a swedish progressive rock band that spawned in 2006. Influensed by bands such as Tool, The Mars Volta, Pink Floyd and Porcupine Tree they've created a unique sound that reminds of next to nothing. Their debut album "Mask Of Air" was released in 2011. A diverse album that can be described as an orginized chaos of emotions. It recieved a lot of good critics, for example Marcus Grahn, at the time writing for VF and Sweden Rock Magazine namned it album of the year. With the album came shows at Sweden Rock, Putte I Parken, Slottsskogen Goes Progressive, Progressive Circus and more. The new album "Observants" had to wait 5 years to its predecessor and were released in 2016. This album is a conceptual journey with a heavier sound and a more modern touch. Since release it has been covered as album of the week in spanish radio and recieved a number of heart warming reviews.


Members of vulkan

Jimmy Lindblad


Johan Norbäck


David Engström


Christian Fredriksson


Oscar Pettersson


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Observants (2016)

Mask of Air (2011)


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